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Body Image (cont)

Ask yourself:

Name one message that the voice of ‘body image’ likes to give you?

What type of ‘health’ choices do you make in everyday life?

How do these choices make you feel?

How do these ‘health’ choices effect your actions and decisions?

What does the voice of ‘body image’ think about your ‘health’ choices?


How does it try to talk you out of your ‘health’ choices?

What do you think of that?

When I work with clients, we use processes such as these to uncover alternative storylines and make them more present against the voice of ‘body image.’ We discuss how tough it is within our culture because of the unrealistic expectation of what is considered "beautiful." We contrast "beautiful" with other ideas such as "healthy" or "kind-hearted." There is so much to look at once we start taking ‘body image’ apart piece by piece! I hope that this will start a conversation between you and yourself, your personal trainer, your partner, or friend. See what the negative voice of ‘body image’ thinks of that!!!

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