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What’s your "Holiday Story"?
For some, it may be about connecting with friends and family, eating hearty meals and treats, singing songs, or getting in touch with one’s spirituality. For others, it may be laced with groans and moans, trepidation, loneliness, frustration, angst, and bouts of depression and anxiety. Often both “stories” can somehow co-exist.   more…

Physical Pain…Emotional Pain – opportunities for change and growth
Pain is a great communicator. It gets our attention, doesn’t let up, and helps us slow down and take stock of what might be causing the pain. Or we find ways to lessen the pain even if we don’t know why it’s there. All in all, it generally gets us to do something, and take notice, even if we don’t want to deal with it.   more…

Body Image
We hear this pairing of words stuck together so often that I don’t always know what it means anymore. Is it about what we perceive of our own body? Is it about how others perceive us? Is it about how we compare ourselves (or others) to a certain cultural body preference or norm? My guess is that all three of these play a big role in our construct of ‘body image’.   more…

Overcoming Tough Problems with Kids: A Narrative Therapist's Approach
A few months ago, I was confronted with an issue that no parent wants to tackle. My 3-year-old daughter became constipated, was scared to go to the bathroom, and subsequently began soiling her underpants. All this was occurring shortly after I’d given birth to our second child, and life was feeling very overwhelming for both of us.   more…

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