I went through three different therapist/social workers before I found sanctuary in Narrative Therapy. The whole process seems so simple yet it really liberates you. It’s wonderful to be heard for once. My other therapists were so removed from what they were doing that it was hard to make a solid, trustworthy connection to them. Peggy is truly a gifted person. I have a wonderful relationship with her because she receptive, attentive, involved, and completely trustworthy in our sessions. I also enjoy the practice of being heard. I feel understood in a way that no other type of therapy or therapist has offered to me. I enjoy hearing my own words spoken back to me, so I know that what I’m saying is not irrational or uncommon. I do not feel judged or persecuted in my session with Peggy. I feel so free to discuss anything I want. It was not always that way. Many times I was forced to reiterate various mottos and meditations or beliefs that were not my own, they were invented because someone fifty years ago said that this is what needs to be taught to those who suffer to get better. It is not like that anymore and I am grateful for that. Narrative Therapy is not about treating the disease, it’s about treating the person.

[When I leave a therapy session] I would say I feel better, just plain better. There is usually such a great sense of release from attending my sessions with Peggy. I fell clear-headed and more receptive to my friends and family. I feel more aware of myself and what I need to do to improve over time. There is definitely a marked improvement between when I arrive at therapy and when I leave.

I take what I learned and I actively apply it to my daily life between sessions. I’ve never done this before. Generally I would go to therapy and leave in a worse state then when I arrived. I would be unable to really focus in on what was troubling me during the session and therefore I was unable to function properly in the days between sessions. However, with Peggy I feel more focused and liberated to say what is truly on my mind. I can take an honest look at my problems under Peggy’s guidance and support and thereby finally begin to take charge of some very important issues that I am working through presently.

I would recommend this therapy to others. As I have stated before it is quite a novelty to be heard for once. When you find the right therapist, when you understand that you are safe and in a healthy environment, when you know that you are not being judged or pigeonholed into some pharmaceutical standard of mental health, then you are free to be yourself and begin to accept who and what you are. I feel that with the help of Peggy and the Narrative Therapy practice I have been able to overcome several obstacles standing in the way of me and my mental health. I am truly grateful for what I have accomplished throughout my sessions with Peggy. Truly.
Male, age 26


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