Testimonials (cont)

I have been to counseling before, and this is definitely different. It doesn’t feel like work. By the end of ONE session you feel better about yourself and feel like you’ve accomplished something. It doesn’t take months or years to see results.

Peggy is so easy to talk to. She makes you feel so comfortable. I always looked forward to my sessions with Peggy, because I knew when the session was over I’d feel so good about myself. If I was ever having a bad day or feeling down, Peggy would help me through it and show me that I had the ability within me to handle it. It was a very empowering feeling. I always thought about what I learned about myself in my sessions. Those thoughts were constantly in the back of my mind and shaped my actions and reactions.

I would definitely recommend this type of therapy to anyone, and I would definitely recommend Peggy. Peggy is fantastic! I loved this type of therapy because it was so comfortable. I didn’t feel pressured to change myself or my life, and I didn’t feel like I was being blamed for doing something wrong. Those were all feelings I felt in prior non-narrative therapy sessions. Narrative therapy is so easy, you don’t even realize you’re in a therapy session until you come to some great breakthrough that makes you see your world in a whole new way. I had the best experience and have recommended this therapy and Peggy to everyone I can.
Female, age 39

I have been to counseling before. This is similar to other counseling that I’ve participated in the past – yet I have a feeling of “comfort” with Peggy. I feel that Peggy is truly listening. She works with what I say in counseling and finds a way to get me to articulate my actual feelings.
Male, age 38 (involved in couples counseling)

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