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My girls hadn’t been to counseling before. I think this was a great first experience. I decided to bring them to Narrative Therapy because I had tried it for myself. I felt very comfortable and thought it was incredibly effective. It’s perfect for kids because it’s not an intimidating atmosphere at all.

After her sessions with Peggy, my daughter has lots to talk about and think about. She feels good about herself and is very open to talking about her feelings with me. It’s fantastic and helps both of us learn more about each other. I’ve also found that she’s more comfortable talking about her feelings. She’s not afraid to tell me when something is wrong, because she knows that we have a good way to work out problems and concerns together. I sense a feeling of greater self-esteem, as well. I think she’s proud of herself and how she handled the problem we went into counseling for. She’s been given the tools to work through any problem that might come up in her life.

I would recommend this therapy. Definitely! It is a fantastic way for kids to handle their problems, because it’s not intimidating at all. Peggy creates such a safe and comfortable atmosphere for kids that it’s easy for them to open up and discuss what’s bothering them.
Mother of two girls, ages 9 and 12

I’ve been to counseling before and this is much more effective than any other therapy I’ve had. The interactive nature of the sessions is a completely different approach. I’m used to a PhD saying “so what do you want to talk about today”, and then practically falling asleep because they’re not really listening.

I feel like some of the pressure is off me to talk all the time and come up with all the answers. Peggy asks the right questions that get right to the heart of the matter. It’s more like a journey you’re going on together to discover the problem and formulate a plan to tackle it. After I leave a session, I usually feel refreshed and like some real progress has been made. I think back on what we’ve discussed and try to apply it to my everyday life and my interactions with people.

I don’t think there is a reason to seek any other type of therapy besides narrative therapy. It simply works the best!
Female, age 37 (involved in couples counseling)

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